Tanya is a Canadian Certified Counselor and holds a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of Victoria. Her focus has been working with youth and adults to face their fears and to find direction in their lives. Tanya works from a client centered, holistic approach; meeting clients where they are at and adapting her counseling style to meet clients’ individual needs.

Tanya creates with her clients a non-judgmental, supportive, and authentic space. She works with a premise that life is about balance and that everyone has their own, unique version of balance. She believes people have an inherent need to belong, feel accepted and make meaningful connections in their lives.

Working with Tanya, clients find an acceptance of themselves and their past, while learning to forgive and let go of painful experiences and patterned behavior. Clients expand awareness of their needs and increase their ability to connect with others.

Tanya has helped clients with depression, anxiety, self harm, eating issues, addictions, relationships, gender and sexual identity, and trauma. She has been a practicum supervisor for students in both Diploma and Masters in Counseling programs.  Tanya has facilitated groups for grief and loss and anger management.

Life is a series of changes, and counseling can help with the transition between those changes. Counseling is most effective when a positive relationship is built between a counselor and a client.

If you are feeling ready to make changes in your life or have other questions about counseling, come in for a free, half hour consultation to see if Tanya is the right fit for you.